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Cambridge Traffic Management Area Joint Committee

The Cambridge Traffic Management Area Joint Committee (AJC) dealt with two items of concern to Chesterton at its meeting on 12 July 2010.

Milton Road

The issue of parking provision has been the subject of consultation but there was no unanimity on what should be done to reconcile the interests of residents, business, cyclists and pedestrians on the section of Milton Road from Mitcham's Corner to Elizabeth Way. The AJC was advised that if the legal position was enforced anyone parking on Milton Road would be ticketed despite the informal marking of parking bays that was done some years ago. The proposals before the AJC represented the least worst solution, a view the committee accepted when they agreed to:

  • determine the objections without holding a public inquiry;
  • support construction of footway parking bays on Milton Road, initially as uncontrolled parking bays;
  • support further consultation for and advertisement of a wider residents’ parking scheme to include George Street, Herbert Street, Springfield Road, Chesterton Hall Road, Ascham Road and Gurney Way;
  • and inform the objectors accordingly.

Church Street, Chesterton

The AJC approved changing the current weekday parking restrictions to permit limited stay parking for up to 4 hours on weekdays in parts of Church Street and St Andrew's Road. This will benefit users of local facilities such as St Andrew's Hall and visitors to residents of the area. It is hoped the changes will ease existing problems with day time parking on the unrestricted Sections of Lynfield Lane.

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