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West Chesterton Mutual Aid
Working together to support West Chesterton

Do you need help?

You can talk to someone right now

Phone: 07593 354560
Email:  mutual.west.chesterton@gmail.com 

Guide to getting help: https://tinyurl.com/uo35cd7


About us

West Chesterton Cambridge has its own Mutual Aid group, made up of ordinary people helping each other during the Covid-19 crisis.

Everyone is welcome to join the group to request or give help. Those who are shielding, or have been asked to self-isolate as part of NHS Test and Trace, may be in particular need of a helping hand. If you already have a similar arrangement with your neighbours, we are here as backup.

We are volunteering support for the local community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic 2020. West Chesterton Mutual Aid is working with Chesterton Community Association (Registered Charity No. 1139163) as lead ward volunteer organisation with the Cambridge City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council, and work in partnership with other community, resident and church groups.  Privacy policy

We are not a company or charity, and we are trying to build in processes and infrastructure as we go along. That means things will change fast, as we learn to make sense of this emerging situation, and learn how to respond and try to keep people safe. 


How do you become a member?

The only criteria is the willingness to support the ideas behind Mutual Aid, aged 16 or over (or parent join on your behalf), and to live in West Chesterton Cambridge. If you are in a nearby ward, we won't kick you out either :) 

Email updates

We send updates to volunteers at interval, and anyone else who signs up. We use Mailchimp to send. Sign up for our email updates

Social media

Please join the channel appropriate for the type of involvement you want. 

Important note for ALL public WhatsApp channels: 
Even in times of crisis, we must keep ourselves safe and be mindful of the risks. By joining the groups you will be revealing your WhatsApp profile name and telephone number to other members of the group.

By joining any of our social media channels, you must be aware and agree to our safeguarding and incident reporting processes

You can talk to anyone in confidence, text or whatsapp 07593 354560

Welcome: Welcome-WestChesterton. WhatsApp. If you need help, you can post here straight away. We can also invite you to the right group for local help, social and volunteering . 


West Chesterton Mutual Aid - Facebook Group
We created it so that people who were looking for us on facebook could find us (we use WhatsApp). If you do use Facebook, there are a few groups we would recommend you to be a part of:


Online meetings and talks

We use Zoom for live events. Sign up to the chat WhatsApp channel or our emails to get the link.

Pub Quiz - on pause for now! The amazing Lilly Q has quizmaster residency. 

Team meeting sync - bi-weekly Sundays at 4pm - check-in for coordinators and volunteers - see how everything is going. Everyone welcome!

Talks, workshops, conversation starters - Talks and conversation starters to share information, skills and interests. Talks can last anywhere between 5 mins and ½ hour - with space for open questions, and generally socialising afterwards. Grab yourself a brew and join us! Got an idea for an event? Get in touch - reply to this email, or put yourself down on the schedule.


Would you like to volunteer?

Hooray! It is so heartening to see so many people wanting to help. 

Helping is not just about picking up prescriptions and shopping. There are many people working behind the scenes making it all work, and get to the next level. Many roles are self-isolation friendly. Call-centre, coordinators...what do you want to do?

Guidance for volunteers


Scams and fraud

Sound advice - keep safe everyone.

Citizen's advice information

Online data security - be careful what you share online 

Protect yourself from fraud associated with NHS Test and Trace - scammers will be taking advantage of the shaky roll-out



We aim to carry out our mutual aid activities as safely as possible. We constantly review and improve our processes. We’ve put some thoughts into how we do things to ensure the safety of our volunteers and the people we aim to help. 

If you have any concerns, or would like to make a suggestion, please email us or leave a comment. You can raise a concern directly with the council.

West Chesterton Mutual Aid Safeguarding Policy 


Mental health

Some online resources from neighbourhood networks

Free resources:


Health and Safety

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